The Benefits of Having a Reliable Transportation in New York City

Whether you are traveling to New York City for a quick family trip or an extended holiday vacation, having reliable transportation is important. The transport system in this city can be a bit intimidating, but few choices will make your travel less overwhelming. One of the most reliable and convenient forms of transportations is our chauffeured limousine transportation. Regardless if you are going to a special business event or getting off at the airport, a limousine service is a luxurious way to travel.

The Benefits of Hiring Limousine Service

A limo driver in New York City will give you the ultimate travel experience. In most cases, the companies that are offering limousine service are charging you on a flat fee or an hourly fee not customized to your travel needs. Whether you just want to travel the city in full style or if you just want to celebrate a special event, a limo will be the perfect solution for your transportation problem. Here are other benefits of having a limo when driving in a new city.

Credible Transportation

If you are meeting a deadline such as your flight time or if you are going on a corporate meeting, you need to ensure that you have a credible mode of transportation. In case you find yourself in this situation, hiring a reliable transportation service can help. They can guarantee that you will get on your desired location at the appropriate time. You never have to worry about the possibility of arriving late or missing the meeting due to NYC traffic. Hiring our professional services will also ensure that our drivers will pick you up on time. This will also eliminate the possibility of being late. Luxury Van & Bus of NY will even monitor your flight status, and adjust their time to make certain that they will be at the airport before you arrive.

Great Travel Experience

Most companies that offer limousine services in New York City will only hire professional drivers who are well aware of the local routes. They are also experienced and educated drivers who are familiar with the local laws which will minimize the possibility of getting involved in a road violation. They can take you to your desired location by taking the best route that is free from heavy traffic. They will be waiting in front of your hotel or airport at least 10 minutes earlier. Hiring luxury transportation service will also allow you to continue your work at the back seat while the chauffeur handles the rest.


Finally, the limousine service can also guarantee that your travel will be generally safe. Their expertise in driving can ensure that you will reach your destination safely. You will never have to worry about dealing with a fraudulent driver. The limo drivers are also aware of the condition of the terrain which in turn will make you travel journey pleasing and secured.

Luxury Van and Bus of New York City are committed to providing only the best service to their clients. Consider this mode of transportation if you want a safe, reliable and convenient trip.

Choosing the Best Transportation for Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, many people don’t regard selecting excellent cars for their wedding ceremony as a priority. This is because of the minimal use of cars during the wedding day. Cars are used only three times, in the morning when people are being transported to the wedding venue, then to the reception hall, and in the evening when people are being returned to their hotels or homes. Transportation is paramount in any wedding, and it can iconize your wedding making people never forget your wedding day, if it is arranged excellently. But what should you do to make your wedding transportation to be recognized and be regarded special during the wedding day? Follow these tips below.

->Select Superb and Top Notch Classy Cars

Since marriage occurs only once in someone’s life, you have spare no expenses when it comes to having something beyond all wedding attendees’ expectations. Vehicles like our Luxury Van and Limo Bus of NY service will make your wedding to leave a legacy and have your guests to always remember. Don’t go for the common cars that have neither luxury nor class. A wedding is the most important celebration in someone’s life, and its preparation must verify this. The cars alone, besides food, drinks and other decorations, can make your wedding to be special and adorable.

->Ask for a Wedding Package->

It’s a wedding, not just any ordinary party so it should be done particularly in a special way. You can ask for a red carpet so that you look like a VIP when coming out of the car. In New York City, you can book certain streets and use them for your wedding so that you don’t get stuck in the frustrating and never ending NYC traffic. To make you and your newlywed partner special, you can ask for a vintage car that includes special features to take you around. Avoid regularly doing common things because this will make your wedding to be simple and common as well. Make your wedding unique and special by doing few preparations in advance.

->Hire Spacious Cars and Have Them Be Decorated just for you

Comfort, luxury, and smooth transportation are the things that you should look for when you are hiring a vehicle for your wedding. Hire a limousine that is spacious so that people don’t get congested and uncomfortable in the car as they are being transported from one place to another. Don’t stress about the transportation of your wedding, if you want it to be top-notch, and then hire only top-notch cars, then our company is what you have been looking for. Some people hire regular car services and other cheap cars rentals. Yet such weddings are regarded as biased weddings, and people normally talk negatively about them. Let the weddings of your dreams be decorated creatively with flowers and other matching décor so that the wedding day becomes as personable as possible.

Luxury Van & Bus of NY Limousine transportation services provides both luxury and reliability, besides convenience and effective transportations on your BIG day. You can get wedding planners to help you plan your wedding in the best way possible to avoid mishaps during the actual wedding day, but transportation is often pushed to the last minute and thus, causing a lot of stress on your day for you and your guests.

Reliable and Comfortable Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) Transportation

There are many private transportation companies in New York City that attempt to offer you the best type of services when it comes to private and luxury transfer. Of course, not all companies can offer you the quality Luxury Van Bus Transportation can. There are many things that distinguish our chauffeur services from any other. Quality, dedication, and attention to detail are some of the traits you will admire in us. When it comes to limousine service, only one name comes to mind.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Many transportation companies suggest that they can also transfer passengers that need wheelchair accessibility. While others attempt to make this work for you, we are actually succeeding. Many luxury cars in our fleet have the option of carrying perfectly a person with wheelchair needs and without missing the high-end services and the excellent limousine service.

Professional Fleet

Check out the amazing, prestigious cars we have in our fleet in order to be able to make your very own choice. Look through their details and come up with the best option for when you want to ride it around New York City.

Lincoln Stretch Limousine – without a doubt one of the most prestigious car in our fleet. It is ideal for up to 10 passengers, and you can acquire it in black or white. Relax at the back of this luxury car and allow your chauffer to offer you an amazing experience.
Escalade Limousine – if you are a big group of 18 – 20 people then this is the perfect car for you. Leather seats and wet bar are just a few of the amazing amenities this car can offer you.
Hummer Limousine – want to play with your wild side? This ride will seem a lot more exotic, while you will be relaxing and enjoying the scenery of New York City.
Mercedes- Benz Sprinter Limo Bus – Up to 14 adult passengers. This is another great option for you city transportation. Leather seats, AM/FM stereo w/ CD & DVD player will relax you will offer you a memorable experience.
Mercedes-Benz Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) custom build for up to 7 passengers and 2 wheelchairs.

Safety and Privacy

When it comes to your limousine service, our goal is to transfer you with safety, absolute privacy and discretion. Our experienced professional chauffeurs and management team is here to create an absolute unforgettable experience for you and for everyone that accompanies you. Do not worry about your privacy, since this is our main concern.

You will be picked-up and dropped-off with total discretion, if you need to, away from the eyes of everyone else. Do you need to be somewhere incognito? This is the best services you can find in all of New York City. Do not waste money and energy trying to find a trustworthy transportation company anymore.

We are waiting for your quotation with all the necessary information in order to reserve for you, your next big tour, trip or party transfer arrangement. We remain at your entire disposal for any additional information.

Why Do You Need to Choose a Limousine Service for Your Next Event?

Everyone loves the idea of sitting contentedly at the back seat while someone handles the driving and all the traffic of the city that never sleeps. You will love it even more when you are sitting in a luxurious Van limousine. Concerning a special and memorable event, adding a limousine is always a great idea. You are not just considering the inherent bar and the classy leather seat, but you are also adding luxury and glamour to your event. Regardless if you are going on a business function or a wedding event, limousine service can give you access to various benefits. By choosing that perfect service, your event will be successful, and your attendees will have a convenient ride.

Reasons for Choosing a Limousine Service for Your Event

Here are some reasons that will convince you that hiring a limousine service for your next event is not just a form of luxury but also a necessity.

Driving Without Distraction

Drivers that are being distracted can lead to accidents and other unforeseen events. You should never let them ruin this day especially if you are holding a special event. It is just too difficult to pay attention to your driver and hope that he will not be distracted with other matters. With a limousine service, you will have the freedom to stay distracted as you like. You may sit back and have a conversation with your friends, listen to music or watch your favorite TV show.

Avoid Dealing with Any Road Rage

Feeling frustrated and annoyed at the other drivers will just ruin your mood and your event. Also, dealing with this happening is an unpleasant incident. You should never show up with an angry or stressed up the mood. By hiring a limousine service, you can let the chauffeur deal with this stressful incident. They are trained on how to properly deal with this situation. This will allow you to maintain your happy mood while you let the others deal with road rage.

Expert Navigation System

Aside from the level of comfort, seeking the help of the limousine service will allow you to navigate freely in an unfamiliar territory. For instance, if this is the first time that you are traveling to New York City, and you are going to a particular location to attend a specific event, you want to arrive on time. Their chauffeurs are aware of the local destinations and landmarks, and they also know the best route they should take to avoid the heavy traffic. Aside from that, you will also never worry about the parking area. We all know how parking to a hotel, restaurant or other places can be a nightmare. With luxury transportation service, the driver will drop you off to your desired location, and they will be responsible for finding that perfect parking spot or waiting for you.

Limousines come in various choices and sizes. You need to make sure that the company offering the limousine service has an armada of a vehicle that can address your different needs. The reasons mentioned above will convince you that hiring a limo on your next event is important.

Riding in a Luxury Van & Bus Limousine in New York City for Any Occasion

Owning a car is an achievement but owning a luxury car is considered an over-achievement. Not many have had the opportunity of riding a luxury car let alone, purchasing. These are expensive vehicles that cost a lot of money, and thus some will hire them for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate parties.

Arrive in Style on Your Special Day-

If it is your special day such as a wedding or a birthday and you are in New York City, you do not have to worry about how you will arrive, we will take care of everything for you. The way you arrive should stand out from all the rest. In a limousine and with a chauffeur, you will arrive in style. You will be picked from your doorstep and dropped where you want to be on time.

You Can Use the Limo for Different Purposes

One advantage of a limousine service is that you can use them for various purposes. Corporates hire them; they are also hired for graduation parties, weddings, birthday parties, and events out of town. If you have an upcoming wedding or you would like to treat your partner on your next anniversary, you should surprise them by hiring our Luxury Van & Bus of NY limousine services. You can get a limo for any kind of occasion, for any type of occasion.

Limousine Service Supports People from All Walks of Life

Riding in a limo is all about luxury and comfort. This means that no matter who you are, you will be comfortable once inside it. For those that are able differently, they do not have to worry about their comfort. These limousines are wheelchair accessible and are designed in a way that they will accommodate everyone to sit comfortably.

Guaranteed Privacy

This is possible since the driver’s compartment is divided from the passengers’ one. On the divider, there is a soundproof sliding window, but you can communicate with the driver by use of an intercom system or by sliding the window.

Varieties of Luxury Van & Bus Limousines to Choose From

In New York City, you are not tied to having one kind of limousine. There are varieties that you can choose from that include but not limited to Audis, Range Rovers, Mercedes Benz, Jaguars, Rolls Royce, and Volkswagen. You will be amazed by the different limousines with different capacities and shapes.

Luxury Van & Bus NYC vehicle are all Well-Equipped and built with custom state-of-the-art equipment .

One of the best things about our Luxury Van & Bus Limousines is that they are well-equipped with different amenities. You can ask for more if need be, and we will go above and beyond in order to satisfy whatever you need/desire. You can have snacks, beverages that include alcohol; you can watch movies and more. This is why they are considered luxurious.

Years ago, riding in a limousine was only for the wealthy people. Well, times have changed, and in New York City, you can ride in a limo of your choice at affordable costs. You do not have to buy a limo to enjoy the comfort that comes with it. It is a mode of transport that will also save you time as they are driven by knowledgeable chauffeurs who know their way to avoid heavy traffic

Fundamental Tips in Choosing Luxurious Limousine Van Bus Service for your Corporate Travel

A lot of people look at the limo as a luxurious way to travel. It is often synonymous with extravagance and premium class. These are some of the reasons why some people prefer limousine service when they are on corporate travel. When looking for a top-notch transport service, you need to make sure that the company is updated with the latest trend in terms of corporate transportation. Their chauffeur should understand that it is imperative to get you to your desired location on time.

Things You Need To Remember When Choosing Your transportation services

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when you are looking for luxury transportation especially when you are in New York City.


Your perfect idea on your business travel can instantly turn unfortunate if you encountered an accident or if the designated driver went missing. Though you have a luxurious form of transportation, this does not necessarily mean that you will have access to unparalleled security and safety. Their chauffeurs should have the ability to pinpoint the safest road to take. They should also be aware that you should reach your accommodation area before the wee hours of the evening. These are some factors that will guarantee your safety.


One of the reasons why you hire a limousine service is the convenience that it brings. For instance, if you are traveling in an unchartered territory such as New York City, having a chauffeur that has a comprehensive knowledge of the local landmarks and routes will help you navigate around the town without any worries. They should have the ability to choose the ideal parking spot for you. By choosing luxury transportation with unprecedented service, you can complete your work at the back of the car while you let the driver handles the rest.

Total Comfort

In case your corporate travel compels you to travel with a large group, opting for a limo is the best transportation solution. This is also ideal for a large group that wants to maintain their privacy. You can choose a limo that is appropriate for the size of your group, or you can enjoy the backseat away from the noise of the other people.


Limousine service pays a high importance on timeliness. During your corporate travel, every minute that is wasted is tantamount to lost money. And since the transportation service is dedicated to taking you to your destination at an opportune time; it makes them a cost-effective solution. Besides, most services will also charge you per hour, this means that you don’t have to worry about the additional charges and you are exactly aware of the amount that will be charged to you.

These are other factors that you should consider when looking for a Luxury Limo Van & Bus service in NYC for your corporate travel. Aside from the fact that you can take benefits on the experienced and committed chauffeurs, it also gives you a comfortable and convenient way to travel.

Travelling NYC in Style

Is it time for the annual company party? Or perhaps you have been invited to a wedding? Maybe you are getting married yourself or want to surprise your best friend for his bachelor or bachelorette party. Either way, we believe the best solution is to pamper yourself and your friends and hire that luxury transportation you deserve.

A limousine service is not that expensive, and the amenities and comfort it provides are exceptional. It provides the proper mix of luxurious amenities while traveling smoothly. We have decided to compose a list of the best benefits that the luxury transportation provides in order to better assist you.

Safety Comes First

You are going out, and you are most likely going to drink, which is why you obviously cannot take your vehicle unless you want to end up in trouble or worse in jail. What our Luxury Van & Bus NYC service provides, however, is safety. The drivers have years of experience, and it’s their job to make the trip as comfortable as possible to you while driving safely. Limousine drivers are usually aware of each street in New York City, so they are familiar with the road’s environment and condition which allows them to deliver a quality service.

Reliable Transportation

You might be the owner of the company which hosts the party or simply need to get to the airport at a particular time. In both cases, you want to arrive there on time, so you won’t experience any unnecessary stress to “catch that deadline”. A Luxury Van & Bus NYC limousine service will come to the appointed place earlier to avoid any hassle. Our company tracks the status of your flight and act accordingly. On top of that, the vehicles are equipped with GPS that send real time updates, so our dispatchers and drivers will know exactly how to avoid rush hour traffic by going precisely through alternative paths and routes, which might be longer in distance, but time-saving due to being in motion at all times.

You could forget about being late once you hire our transportation services. It is the most efficient driving solution which you could hire. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the trip, while the chauffeur drives you to the designated location.

Stylish and Luxurious Accommodations

Let’s be honest, no other transportation service will provide those perks which a limo transportation provider does. The mini bar, HD TV, karaoke, luxury seats, entertainment systems, just to name a few, are something that will get the party started before you even arrive at the location. It’s one of the better benefits of getting a limo plus it will create long-lasting memories for you and your friends. Hell, you might even decide to ditch the event you are going to and just continue partying in the limousine.

If all of that hasn’t convinced you to use our Luxury Van & Bus limousine services the next time you need a luxury vehicle transportation, then you probably just dislike luxury, and that’s ok too. It’s not something that every person would enjoy, but you cannot know until you try it out.

Indulge Into a Classic Luxury Transportation Option


If you want to find the best private transportation as well as the top quality, state-of-art equipment in all private cars, then you should consider our Luxury Van Bus transportations services for your self and your clients’ transport. Hire your very own private driver in order to transfer to and from all possible locations, trains, and airports. You can also arrange for a

private tour around New York City 

for you or anyone else you want.

In this company, you will find the most luxurious cars that will transfer you, your friends and clients with absolute safety to all your preferred locations. The chauffeur that will pick you up, will be a highly experienced and trained professional, ready to serve you in the best possible way and accommodate any requests you have.


Book It Online


Arranging your next transportation has never been an easier task. All you have to do is visit the online site and leave your quotation with all the necessary information. If this is inconvenient for you, you can call our support lines and talk with one of our sales representatives. This way you can arrange the next Luxury Van & Bus NYC service even in the slightest detail.

Let us know about the exact pick-up and drop-off point of your preference as well as the exact car you want to be picked up with. You don’t have to pay more than you had initially planned. Stay within your budget and explore our high-end services. The main goal is to make you enjoy every single moment of your transportation, as much as you are going to enjoy the destination itself.


Safety Comes First


Being able to offer you a luxury service is not our only goal. First and foremost we are aiming to keep you safe. This is why all of our cars are being regularly checked, updated and our drivers receive continuous training on top of their experience. One of our top priorities is getting you from location A to location B on time with safety and comfort. Our company stands out of all other New York City companies for a reason.


Pick our cars for your next trip to the airport and see for yourself the quality of our services. Our brand could not be more satisfied with the general result and the reviews we are receiving from former clients.


Enhance Your Next Event


If you are planning your birthday or the next big event in your life, this is a great chance to offer your guests a touch of total luxury. Arrange private cars, vans or even 56 passengers buses  to pick up your guests and transfer them to the preferred location. A chic and elegant move if you want to be characterized as the most hospitable luxurious hostess ever.